Time & Location
Thur 18 Nov |  7:30pm - 9:30pm |  Online via Zoom

About the Event

Meet with other Information Security Executives for a fun and informal wine tasting experience combined with a virtual round table event.


You'll spend the evening being guided through tasting some delicious wine whilst being encouraged to contribute towards key discussion points focused around: 

Hack to the Future - Securing for Y2K XL (aka 2040)


Great Scott! 2040 is now closer than that night spent twiddling our thumbs on the helpdesk back on New Year’s  Eve in 1999.
The attack surface is already unrecognisable from that uneventful night, but what do need to consider as we build out our strategies for the future? And will we ever be riding Hoverboards to the office? Will there even be such a thing as an office? 


Join Sam Humphries and Randeep Gill from Exabeam to discuss what the future could hold for CISOs, organisations, and cyber criminals, whilst enjoying some delicious wines and snacks. 

They'll also be plenty of opportunity to connect with other
Information Security peers across a variety of verticals to assist with growing your network.

At the end of the evening, there's a fun and light-hearted competition with a chance to win a bottle of Champagne !!


 You'll recieve the receive drinks plus additional snack accompaniments direct to your door.


Registration for this event is now CLOSED

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