Time & Location
Thur 23 Sep |  19:30 - 21:30 |  Online via Zoom

About the Event

Meet with other Information Security Executives for a fun and informal beverage tasting experience combined with a virtual round table event.


You'll spend the evening being guided through tasting some delicious rum whilst being encouraged to contribute towards key discussion points focused around current industry topics . During this session we'll be discussing:


Seize the Breach, the Rum Edition

“If you found yourself in a bar fight, you’d want to understand that you’re in it as early as possible”
(Back in the olden days of 2013, Mike Fey, @RSAC)

Fast forward eight years, and we’re still finding out we’re in a fight way after the tables have flipped and the glasses have been smashed.
Dealing with a breach can feel like being in a 'Hangover' movie,
trying to piece together what the hell happened
(and how on earth did that tiger get in?).

Discussion topics include:


1) Let’s get ready to RUMble - how can we prepare, practice, and perform for the inevitable? 


2) Don’t RUM away! Why restoring to known good isn’t good enough, and how RCAs shouldn’t make you gRUMble. 

They'll also be plenty of opportunity to connect with other
Information Security peers across a variety of verticals to assist with growing your network.

At the end of the evening, there's a fun and light-hearted competition with a chance to win a bottle of booze !!


 You'll recieve the receive drinks plus additional snack accompaniments direct to your door.

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