Time & Location

Thur 28 Jan  |  18:30 - 20:30 |  Online via Zoom

About the Event

Meet with other Information Security Executives for a fun and informal whisky tasting experience combined with a virtual round table event.

You'll be guided through your very own whisky tasting box (which you'll receive direct to your door), containing a selection of wonderful whisky, with some delicious organic chocolates which we'll pair with each whisky. 

The whisky tasting is combined with key discussion points focused around current industry topics including:

"How does DEEP LEARNING help to prevent attacks in zero-time and thus help the SOC to streamline, automate and improve blocking and analysis of attack events?"


"Can you reduce manual resource and improve ROI in the handling of attacks, incidents and the investigation process?"

There's also a chance to win a bottle of whisky !!


They'll be plenty of opportunity to network with the other Information Security Executives and participate in discussions.

A unique, informal opportunity to discuss topic-specific views, share experiences and collaborate with peers.

In partnership with ...

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Dissatisfied with the available cybersecurity companies, Guy Caspi, Nadav Maman and Eli David (PhD) dedicated themselves to pursuing the uncharted territory of deep learning to find a security product that would stop even the most sophisticated types of attacks. Together, they founded Deep Instinct, the world’s first and only deep learning cybersecurity company.

Taking this wildly innovative approach necessitated looking at things differently. Instead of looking for a cure, they looked to prevent.

And through venturing into the depths of deep learning, they developed an artificial neural network brain that holds an instinctive ability to identify attacks in just milliseconds. Doing so, with the highest rate of detections and minimal false positives.

Talk about business continuity! Organizations that have adopted Deep Instinct’s cybersecurity products don’t even know they’ve been targeted! No stalling, no work interruptions, no expensive disasters.

At Deep Instinct, we prevent what others can’t find.

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